Who's behind the product?

david baird

David Baird



While it’s probably fair to say that David hasn’t spent too much time milking cows in the last few years, his semi-rural background gives him a good understanding of the pressures that farmers are under. Having been self employed for the past 5 years, mainly as a web developer and software engineer, he understands business and the trials and tribulations that come with running one.

David graduated from University of Canterbury with a Bachelors of Engineering with Honors (Mechatronics) in 2011. His software business has been growing steadily since it’s inception in 2011.

blake lissington

Blake Lissington



Blake grew up on a dairy farm in Eketahuna, before heading to Australia and getting involved in the wine industry. Even while in Australia, he couldn’t get out of milking the cows on a family owned farm in Northern Victoria. His parents now run two dairy farms in Culverden, and while the milkings are few and far between these days, he’s developed an interest in the operations, and the industry in general.

Blake has been working in the dairy industry for the past 18 months and also launched, an online wine gift delivery service, that has been running for the past 18 months.