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It’s FREE to have your products listed on AgriTender.

AgriTender provides an opportunity for you to put your product in front of the decision makers without having to rely on the vendors for promotion.

Key Supplier Features:

  • Free Product Listings
  • Notifications when quotes have been requested on your product.
  • Abilty to message Vendors within AgriTender regarding quotes to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.
  • Supplier directory so farmers can message you if they require information on your product.
  • More exposure, which means more sales.

If you are interested in registering your business and products with AgriTender to help grow your business please email or fill out the registration form below.


How do I list my products on AgriTender?

A: When the full version is launched you will be able to login as a supplier and load your own products. However we may initially load your products on your behalf – contact us at for more information regarding this process.


Will I be notified if a farmer tenders for my product?

A: Yes. You will be able to turn on notifications for individual products. This will help you engage with your vendors during the tendering process.


Does it cost me anything to list products?

A: Listings are free however we may be introducing a “premium” listing feature in the future where additional information or images can be added to a listing.


Can I be a Supplier and a Vendor?

A: Of course. If you process a transaction with the farmer you are deemed a vendor. There are many cases where suppliers will also be vendors.


Does AgriTender make a commission on the sales?

A: No.


I’ve got some ideas for features which would help my business that I think you should add to AgriTender. Who do I contact?