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Rural retail is an exciting and fast-paced part of agriculture. It’s also tough, competitive and hard work. AgriTender will allow you to pitch for business you may not have had the chance to in the past. It also extends your reach beyond geographical boundaries particularly if you’re quoting on products that are delivered directly to farm.

Farm owners and managers are embracing technology at a rapid pace. Technology like AgriTender is part of trend towards intelligent Agri-tools that work for the farmer. However we see AgriTender adding real value to rural businesses and their shareholders. It’s a win win.

Retailers work hard to build and establish relationships with clients and those relationships do matter. AgriTender allows farmers to select a preferred vendor and use the platform to send a quote request through to only their preferred vendors. Like any buyer, people spend their money with people they think deserve it. AgriTender doesn’t change this so it’s never just about price.

We are looking forward to developing strong partnerships with the hundreds of rural vendors in New Zealand. To get setup with us please contact us now by filling out the form below or email us via


What’s in it for me?

A: You’ll be able to generate more business by quoting more often while allowing you to control margins at a central point. Reps will have more time to develop relationships and less time doing quotes


How does the process work?

A: The store will receive an email notifying them of a tender request. By logging into the vendor section of AgriTender you can view all your open/closed/won/lost tenders. From here you can select the latest tender received. You’ll be able to input your prices and notes and send that quote back to the farmer. It’s that simple.


What happens when we win a tender?

A: You’ll be notified via email if you have won a tender. A supply agreement will be generated automatically and you process the order and make delivery as outlined in the notes of your tender.


How do we get paid?

A: You process the transaction so it’s business as usual. 


How many RFPs will we receive?

A: Interest from farmers has been strong so we anticipate that you’ll receive them regularly. The idea is that the platform is used for larger purchases and calving lists not for small items like a 5L jug…..


 I need more information? Who should I contact?

A: If you’re a vendor ( as in you process transactions and provide goods to farmers ) contact us at